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Cloud Data Breach Protection (Cope, Erl)

How can organizations provide protection against data breaches for cloud data?

Cloud Data Breach Protection


Unprotected data is vulnerable to a wide variety of breaches by attackers that can have significant consequences on the cloud architecture security and/or the organization’s business itself.


A system is established that provides encryption of sensitive data so that if it is lost, it is not readable by an attacker.


Using validated encryption and governance that meets enterprise security assurance levels, data at rest is encrypted.
Cloud Data Breach Protection: The use of enterprise encryption for sensitive data.

The use of enterprise encryption for sensitive data. Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) Module 7: Fundamental Cloud Security Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) Module 8: Advanced Cloud Security

This mechanism is covered in CCP Module 7: Fundamental Cloud Security and
in Module 8: Advanced Cloud Security.

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Cloud Computing Design Patterns

The architectural model upon which this design pattern is based is further covered in:

Cloud Computing Design Patterns by Thomas Erl, Robert Cope, Amin Naserpour

(ISBN: 9780133858563, Hardcover, ~ 528 pages)

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