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Candidate Design Patterns Review

Thank you for your interest in participating in the review of a new set of Cloud Computing Security Patterns that have been submitted for inclusion in the Cloud Computing Design Patterns master catalog. This catalog will be formally published in the Cloud Computing Design Patterns text book as part of the Prentice Hall Service Technology Book Series from Thomas Erl. This text book is modeled after the SOA Design Patterns book that was released several years ago. All those that provide feedback and participate in this review will have their name and affiliation listed on the Website, as well as the book’s Acknowledgements page.

Please review as many patterns as you can and provide your feedback directly to If you do not have time for a detailed technical review, we are still interested in your overall opinions about the purpose, scope and legitimacy of each pattern. Please note also the relationship between patterns and the mechanisms used to implement them. The list of defined cloud computing mechanisms is available at the bottom of this page. We encourage you also to review and provide feedback of the mechanisms as well.

Each design pattern relies on the implementation and/or utilization of one or more cloud computing mechanisms. New mechanisms that were introduced in support of the above listed cloud security patterns are available for review in the following definitions list: